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‘RHOBH’ star Joyce Giraud: ‘Brandi has attacked my family and marriage’

Joyce Giraud

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Joyce Giraud isn't thrilled with Brandi Glanville and her behaviour this season. She found herself being attacked, as she was called Jacqueline on their trip to Palm Springs. In addition, both Giraud and her husband Michael have been attacked by Brandi several times. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 30, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Joyce Giraud is now revealing that Brandi has attacked everything from her family to her integrity.

“It shocks me to see the venom and the desperation of those who will do anything to sensationalize themselves for attention,” she has revealed about her co-star. Of course, these two haven’t been getting along since their trip to Palm Springs earlier this season. “She has attacked my integrity, my marriage, my family, and everything about me (even my choice of dresses). It’s childish and pathetic. YES, I called her out on needing rehab, and I FIRMLY stand by it. She needs better friends that will tell her when she’s taking things too far,” Giraud added.

And it sounds like she doesn’t have much respect for Brandi, even though she is a single mother who is struggling to make money. “I do have sympathy for everyone going through a depression. But what I have zero tolerance for is someone using depression as an excuse to treat others poorly!” she reveals. Joyce reveals that Brandi needs to be less self-centered and needs to be focused on being a better person.

Of course, Brandi has used the "single mother" card for quite some time, revealing that people should feel sorry for her and understand her struggles. What do you think?

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