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‘RHOBH’ star Carlton Gebbia supported Lisa and Ken during dinner

Carlton Gebbia

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia is confident in who she is and her religion and beliefs. She has taken offence in some of the things that Kyle Richards has been saying about her, but she still decided to go to the birthday party even though it was celebrating Kyle's husband. According to a new Bravo report published on Feb. 5, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia is now revealing that she went to the infamous birthday party to support Lisa.

“Lisa's dinner. . .Please understand the only reason we went was for Ken and Lisa. David and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa and Ken, he has a wonderful dry sense of humor and we always have a good giggle,” Carlton revealed. “I apologized, of course, to Lisa for the next theatrics! Definitely not my intention for this hideous argument to ensue but when goaded consistently, yeah, eventually I am going to bite. . .Reaching this crescendo of digs, insults, innuendos, and challenges -- yep now I'm done!”

Of course, the birthday dinner was for both Mauricio and Ken, but Carlton may not have gone to the dinner if it was solely for Kyle’s husband. It is clear that these two are not getting along and next week, Kyle will be uninvited to Carlton's husband's party.

Do you think these two should just steer clear of one another?

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