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‘RHOBH’ star Carlton Gebbia speaks out on odd party for Gigi

Carlton Gebbia
Carlton Gebbia

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia seems to be very frustrated with the way Kyle Richards is handling herself. First, she calls her anti-Semitic, and then she tries to make peace by giving her a ring - but through Brandi Glanville. Needless to say, Carlton left the party without confronting Kyle about it. According to a new Bravo report published on Feb. 17, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia is now sharing her thoughts on Lisa’s involvement with their discussions.

“If Kyle was giving it as a peace offering then she should have done it herself and explained the connection between the two pieces rather than having someone else do it for her which seems to be her obvious M.O.” Carlton reveals. She also adds, revealing that she doesn’t like how Lisa is getting the blame for something that is so obvious. Carlton didn’t like Kyle’s peace offering, and it was obvious that she didn’t want it.

“But as for Kyle and Brandi to blame Lisa for her stating the obvious confusion and for my subsequent actions refusing the ring is bloody ridiculous. I did not want the ring. It was my choice. Lisa had nothing to do with that and she certainly wasn't acting sneaky or inserting herself into anything that didn't concern her,” she reveals. “Brandi do it for her. Look I like Brandi, but I didn't like what was happening. My husband saw exactly what was going on and didn't like it either and that's when I woke up to the bulls---.”

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