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‘RHOBH’ star Carlton Gebbia comes to Lisa Vanderpump’s defense

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia has been a neutral star on the show this season, as she has gotten along with almost everyone. She didn’t get along with Kyle Richards after they started hanging out and talking about religion, but it sounds like she isn’t in agreement with everything happening against Lisa Vanderpump. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 24, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia is now coming to Lisa Vanderpump’s defense after the reunion.

During the reunion, many of the women had opinions about Lisa’s behaviour throughout the season. In fact she got criticism from Kyle Richards, Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville. The three ladies had plenty to say about her behavior. But it sounds like Carlton doesn’t think she is that guilty.

“I’ve made it abundantly clear who I like and who are trolls that belong under a bridge,” Gebbia revealed, adding that she believes that the women are jealous of Lisa’s success and life. “I think Lisa had to deal with a lot of envy from people from being the first Housewife on “Dancing with the Stars,”” she added.

And Carlton also has an opinion when it comes to Lisa’s “Dancing with the Stars” fainting drama. “Pretending to faint — I seriously doubt that. It wasn’t cool watching the reenactment with Kyle and Kim. It’s pretty disrespectful, especially from a so-called friend! Again, who needs enemies? I certainly know that Kyle wouldn’t have thought that was harmless humor and blown it off. God knows she’d be demanding an apology riiiight [sic] about now.”

Do you think Carlton is right about her thoughts on the situation?