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‘RHOBH’ star Carlton Gebbia admires Yolanda’s strength

Yolanda Foster
Yolanda Foster
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“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia may be new to the cast, but it sounds like she has no problem revealing her thoughts about the various cast members. She has grown close to Brandi Glanville and one can imagine that she is upset on Brandi’s behalf over her dog going missing. According to a new Bravo blog published on Jan. 8, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Carlton Gebbia is now revealing that she is admiring Yolanda’s strength during the SUR dinner from hell.

“So the tail end of the SUR dinner was sad to see Brandi so distressed after having to deal with the tag team of Joyce and her husband both going at her simultaneously. I think there's a word for that. But I will say that Yolanda handled it in such an admirable way getting Brandi out of a potentially uglier situation,” she reveals. And of course, she wouldn’t be supporting Brandi without throwing a dig at Joyce, since she is choosing friendship with Brandi over Joyce.

“This was also quite amusing and revealing. Joyce's self-righteous talking head, "If god could forgive what humanity did to his son who am I not to forgive Brandi for being such a stupid little bitch!" You are off your sanctimonious rocker lady. Did you just compare yourself to God? Talk about delusions of grandeur,” she reveals.

Do you think Yolanda did the right thing? Are you surprised that Carlton is giving Yolanda props for her actions?