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‘RHOBH’ star Brandi Glanville gets criticized for calling her son names

Brandi Glanville
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville is known for being controversial on the show, but it sounds like she is continuing her troublesome attitude on her Podcast show. Brandi is known for sharing her opinion, which rattles some people. Many are lashing out at her on Twitter. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on June 24, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville is now revealing that she often stays off Twitter because of the negativity.

This week, Brandi has been sharing some interesting comments and stories on her Podcast show about her sons. A recent story about her son Mason created a big firestorm, as she called him names, including an a**hole and a d**k. She added that it was all in good fun and that she only calls him that for fun, but many felt that it was completely unnecessary and downright wrong.

And just to add to the controversy, Brandi can only laugh about the comments. On top of that, Brandi refuses to apologize and told people to stop taking things so seriously. She has revealed that she often stays off Twitter because of people’s reactions to her stories. “Twitter is so mean anymore I rarely look at it, it's incredibly unhealthy I don't understand Y people are so horrible,” Brandi revealed. But it sounds like people had plenty of people to get upset about.

Brandi is known for fighting for her sons, as her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian has custody of her sons with her. The two share custody and the boys stay with Eddie half the time. And one can imagine that Eddie and his new wife, LeAnn Rimes, are not thrilled with the comments that Brandi has been saying about Mason.

Of course, Brandi says that it is all in good fun, but many parents have been lashing out at Brandi. Do you think Brandi is wrong in calling her son names, or do you think that people are overreacting?

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