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‘RHOBH’ diva feud

Diva Wars
Diva Wars

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season finally ended with a bang on Monday, now the media is hyping up a part three reunion which will begin airing on Monday, March 17th. In the last few episodes Brandi Glanville turned on Lisa Vanderpump.

We all know that Lisa and Ken took Brandi under their wing and have continued to be supportive towards Brandi. They really treat her like family. Looks like Glanville is biting the hand that feeds it. According to People,Glanville said of Vanderpump, "I've been under your spell for two years".

Vanderpump is reportedly worried about how her fans will react to the Season 4 reunion. Glanville is not the only one that goes after her. Kyle, Kim and Yolanda also take a swipe at Vanderpump. Lisa is not perfect but she seems to be one of the most honest of all the women. She generally tells it like it is.

Part of the reunion conversation goes something like this, “Continued Glanville: "With this fight, I finally feel free. I love you, but I'm not part of your game anymore."

"We loved you," replied Vanderpump, 53. “

"That's why I'm so hurt right now," said Glanville, 40.

"I've always supported her, and this is how she repays me?" wondered Vanderpump.

Looks like season five could be a rocky one.

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