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'RHOA': Watch the Fight Again and Decide Who Started it

Things go from bad to worse, but who started it?
Things go from bad to worse, but who started it?

Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight

Last night’s episode was the episode to top all others as the entire cast got involved in some head to head combat. Okay, maybe that is a bit of an over-exaggeration however it did get intense.

The episode starts off innocently enough with Phaedra throwing a party for Mr. President. It was extravagant and over the top just like Phaedra herself and nicely put together. Throughout the event we hear the gripes and complaints of Apollo undoubtedly purposefully aired to the audience by producers to display his seemingly growing dissatisfaction in his marriage. However, after food, dancing and celebration the party seemed to turn out perfectly.

Back at home, Cynthia and Peter talk about what Kandi stated at the last event which also brings up some tension on Peter’s end towards Kandi that would be undoubtedly addressed.

Kenya goes to the doctor and is told that she cannot have children on her own but that does not deter Ms. Moore from going after what she wants.

The drama all begins when Nene decides to invite all the couples over for pillow talk at a raunchy pajama party with a male and female server to attend to everyone’s refreshment requests. Anyone who does not know Nene’s past would think that this was a sweet gesture. But was history shows, Nene has a habit of putting women who have fought in some way in the past in the same room and bringing up old news. And at this event, history has reappeared.

Phaedra, Kenya, Porsha and Cynthia all felt Nene’s intentions were to create trouble and trouble is what was created! Claiming she wanted to clear the air, Nene had Christopher and Natalie verbally attacks Kenya, who is usually the attacker. Kenya, feeling the need to stand to her own defense, stood up and walked towards Natalie expecting to ‘get her together’ and telling her what was really said in the last meeting. Christopher grabbed Kenya’s arm in an effort to make sure she does not do anything confrontational to his common law wife or wife (whichever it is). That is when Kenya’s guest, Brandon, steps in and draws the line. Once physical contact was initiated everything fell apart. Apollo jumps in to stop a bad situation from getting worse and gets hit by a punch thrown by Brandon.

Apparently with that built-up tension that was previously mentioned, Apollo took it personally! While no one asked that get in the mix of things to break up the altercation, the misguided bunch caused Brandon to be pummeled by an out of control ex-con who even Phaedra could not cool off. Nene was yelling at Kenya for getting out of her seat to approach Natalie, Todd and Peter were trying to calm Christopher and Brandon was tending to his bruises obtained by Apollo. When all the drama seemed to be over, Phaedra suggested Apollo and her leave the party because obviously Nene and producers had got what they wanted. Instead, he ignores the direct advice of a lawyer, wife and mother of his two kids and re-enters the room to fight take his personal anger issues out on Brandon once more.

Bravo decided they would like to make this a two part episode and ends it here. In an effort to get more ratings, they not only end the best episode thus far but also show audiences previews to the next. In the next previews we see Kandi yelling stating she would drag someone, Kenya and Nene getting heated towards each other and little Todd trying to coax his wife. We also see Brandon telling Kenya of an assault charge due to a broken rib and Kandi is talking to Cynthia who says she had never seen the hood in Kenya come out before. She obviously has not been paying much attention to Kandi on the bus ride when she instructed Kenya to sit her a** down.

The next episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" will air Sunday February 2 2014 on Bravo.

Who do you think started this messy episode of "Housewives"? Sound off below.

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