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RHOA: The Gloves come off. Peter vs. Gregg and Phaedra vs. Kenya

Gregg goes off on Peter
Gregg goes off on Peter

When Phaedra approached Kenya and Apollo having a private conversation, a verbal assault seemed inevitable. Surprisingly, Phaedra chose to leave and go back to the hotel room. She was beyond frustrated with Kenya’s game playing and Apollo’s disrespect.

The ladies try to talk some sense into Apollo but he was too worried about being told what to do as opposed to respecting his wife’s wishes and not socialize with the enemy…Kenya. Even Kenya’s BFF Miss Lawrence felt like Kenya was “stirring up punch” by pulling Apollo to the side.

“Kenya and Apollo have Angelina [Jolie] and Brad [Pitt’s] chemistry.” Miss Lawrence referred to Phaedra as Jennifer Aniston. Kenya giggled at the comment and states she doesn’t date married ex-cons.

“I have ninety-nine problems but a d**k ain’t one.” Kenya explains to Peter and Cynthia that she isn’t lacking offers from potential male suitors.

Unfortunately Kenya uses the last night to recreate the infamous Pillow Talk Brawl. Miss Messy Boots has them pull questions from a basket to discuss. The topic of cheating is brought up. Miss Lawrence thinks a one-night stand isn’t cheating. He thinks all men cheat and directly asks for Phaedra and Apollo’s opinion.

Apollo believes everyone cheats and if Phaedra decides to cheat that she needs to use condoms. Everyone jumps on Apollo, but Kenya comes to his rescue. Is Apollo giving Phaedra a pass to cheat? Was his consent an excuse for his possible infidelity? Phaedra concludes that you shouldn’t get married if you want to mess around and if her husband was to cheat she would leave him.

Kenya escorts the men off so the gals can chat and air out any grievances and not take any bitterness back to Atlanta. Kenya addresses Phaedra’s issue with her and how she got upset and left the room the night before.

“First of all I’ve asked you not to speak to my husband outside of my company,” Phaedra says calmly but sternly. “You’re crossing the line and you’ve done it so many times. So my first thing was like ‘do I slap the dog sh** out of her?’ ”

Porsha stands up for Phaedra and things really get heated. Kenya calls Porsha’s marriage arranged because she was Kordell’s beard and the next marriage not to get married for a check How Kenya escapes this night without getting hair snatched or a drink thrown in the face is shocking, to say the least.

While that fight was going on, Gregg confronts Peter about stepping to NeNe at Kenya’s Masquerade event. Gregg felt like if Peter had an issue with NeNe he should’ve spoken to him and not address his wife. Clearly Gregg needs to play back the tape so he can clearly see that NeNe was the one who approached Peter.

The ladies hear the guys going off and intervene. NeNe is tired of Peter aka Patricia (what NeNe calls him when he’s acting like one of the ladies) always butting into the ladies’ business. “You need to stop trying to roll with the women. You need to stay out of women’s business. You stop trying to be a damn b***h.”

The b word rang in everyone’s ears. Everyone was shocked NeNe went there. Kandi’s bugged out eyes and jaw dropped said it all. Will the b word be the nail in the coffin on NeNe’s and Cynthia’s friendship? Should Peter butt out of the women’s issues?

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