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RHOA: The blame game aftermath and why Kandi goes off

The fight kicks into high gear
The fight kicks into high gear

Thanks to the Super Bowl airing last week, Atlanta housewives fans had to wait another week to see the continuation of the Pillow Talk event organized by NeNe Leakes. The fight didn’t end with Apollo being pulled apart from Kenya’s friend Brandon.

Things quickly escalated after Kenya and Brandon were escorted out to diffuse the tension. Porsha and her sister left before the mayhem started. “This is some hood s***.” She exclaimed to Nene while walking away in her long white gown with visible red underwear underneath.

Once all was quieted down, Kandi felt the need to bring up the issue of Natalie gossiping that Todd was an opportunist. Natalie, once again unsuccessfully, tried to explain she didn’t mean to imply that. Cynthia towered over Kandi to clear her involvement in the Todd scandal.

Kandi didn’t take too kindly to Cynthia waving her fingers all in her personal space. She asked her to back up, but Peter felt the need to jump in Kandi’s face. Kandi felt it was wrong for him to step to her. When Todd pushes Peter back to give Kandi space, Cynthia’s sister Malorie pushes Todd and Kandi. Everyone knows not to touch Kandi’s man, right?

Well Malorie was about to get punched if Todd, Christopher Williams and NeNe hadn’t pulled Kandi away from the scene. Kandi was seeing red much like her fiery red hairdo. “I will drag you up in this b***h!” Kandi shouted to Malorie from across the room. Chuck Smith grinned at the entire spectacle.

Anyone notice Chuck Smith just standing around the whole time like he was watching a Venus and Serena Williams tennis match? At least he wasn’t using his wife as a shield anymore like he did on the previous episode. He lost some masculine points for that move.

Everyone spent the next day rehashing the night’s events. Brandon filed a police report and threatened to press charges against Apollo. He claimed he suffered from a black eye and a cracked rib, but decided not to pursue it out of concern for Apollo’s kids growing up without a father.

Apollo admitted he took things too far, but never formally apologized for his behavior. Kandi realized she was super crunk and decided to apologize to Cynthia. NeNe insisted Kenya was the cause of it all by creating a domino effect of arguments and physical altercations. Kenya refused to accept responsibility for everyone else’s actions.

Kenya was upset that Phaedra ducked and dodged Apollo’s violent attack on Brandon. Ms. Parks insinuated Brandon was the one who bucked up causing Apollo to react the way he did. Fingers were being pointed at each woman to accept their part in the fight. All of them did with the exception of Kenya.

“We can all agree to disagree,” Kenya says and all the ladies walk away with their friendships potentially still intact, except for NeNe and Kenya. NeNe chooses to write her off for good...or so it seems for now.

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