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'RHOA' star Porsha Williams speaks up about men, hers and Kenya Moore's

 Porsha Stewart attends the 2013 Bravo New York Upfront at Pillars 37 Studios on April 3, 2013 in New York City.
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Porsha Williams has been real secretive about her new boyfriend lately and that's got some people guessing. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta' star has avoided letting people know who her new romance is with but she is quick to talk about the one Kenya Moore is messing with. According to Madame Noire on Friday, Porsha says that Kenya Moore's man looks like a mannequin in pictures posted to Instagram.

Let's start with Porsha Williams. She has said she is real open as far as who she dates. She is definitely open to an interracial relationship much like the one she had with her ex-boyfriend. Porsha has also said that she would date younger, as low as 21-years old. She's also said she would entertain the idea of dating an older man too and sees nothing wrong with dating a man in his forties.

After a few flirtatious messages between Porsha and former football star Chad "Ochocinco" Smith on Twitter, rumors started up that he was her new man. Apparently that is funny to Porhsa who says that Ochocinco is definitely not the one she is dating. She says he professes his love to everyone he talks to and she's right. They would make a really cute couple though, don't you think?

As far as Kenya Moore and her man, she took to Instagram to post some pictures of the pair together. The problem is, Kenya posted bits and pieces of her mystery man but not enough to identify him. We saw part of a bald head next to Kenya Moore's giant face. Another picture posed with Kenya shows the mystery guy's lips and part of his nose and again he was pressed in close to Kenya. The final "boyfriend" picture shows the man shirtless while looking at Kenya Moore's website on a laptop.

Many are saying the pictures look faker than a three dollar bill and we have to agree. They look like poorly posed selfies and it's obvious that Kenya took them to shut people up, not because she's in love. She does know that any good smart phone let's you take the picture from the front so you can avoid cutting off faces and other body parts. If she did that though, she might be found out so much faster.

Porsha Williams said Kenya Moore's man doesn't look real at all. She said he looks like a mannequin something like what you would find displaying outfits at The Gap. What do you think of Kenya's man? Do you think he's really her boyfriend and if so, who is he?

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