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‘RHOA’ star Porsha Stewart admits not being aggressive in divorce

Porsha Stewart
Porsha Stewart
Porsha Stewart's Twitter

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart may have been shocked when Kordell Stewart filed for divorce behind her back, but she is trying to make sense of it all. The divorce was finalized rather fast because she wasn’t fighting for much and he didn’t want to offer too much. If that wasn’t enough, she is now speaking out about the ordeal on “Bethenny.” According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 24, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart is now revealing that she didn’t actually ask for much during the divorce, which is why she didn’t end up with much.

“I didn’t ask for anything,” Porsha revealed. “Right now in the press it’s, 'Porsha didn’t get anything, poor Porsha,’ and people are feeling bad for me and feeling sorry for me because I didn’t get anything, and they think that we went to trial and I lost.” Of course, on the show, Porsha is seen talking to her divorce lawyer, saying that she should get something because she took care of his child for him.

“What happened was, it just tore me apart this divorce, it really did,” Porsha shared while visiting Bethenny Frankel on her talk show. “It was so traumatic and it ruled over my life … I wanted the freedom to be done with it. So before we had court the next week — we were scheduled to go to court and me plead my side and he plead his side — I told my attorney, ‘Listen, I am done with this. Get the divorce decree, I am coming to sign it.’”

It sounds like she just wanted out of the marriage rather quickly. On the show this season, fans have seen her trying to rebuild her life after the divorce. Many of her co-stars may not understand why she didn't fight for more, but it sounds like her independence and freedom was more important than anything else.

What do you think of her walking away with nothing?