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‘RHOA’ star Phaedra Parks refuses to cooperate with deposition

Phaedra Parks
Phaedra Parks
Phaedra Parks' Twitter

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks hasn’t said much about her husband’s recent fraud charges. Parks’ former friend, Angela Stanton, claims that Parks fully supported her husband in the check scam long before he was arrested for fraud. She has been speaking out about it, but Phaedra was not too pleased about the comments. But now that the trial has started, she doesn’t want to cooperate. According to a new Radar Online report published on Feb. 26, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks is supposedly refusing to sit down for a deposition.

Apparently, Parks has repeatedly refused to sit for a deposition on just how she was involved with the check cashing scam that sent Stanton and several associates to prison. If she was really innocent, one has to wonder if she is indeed involved. The court documents report that “the record contains no reasonable basis upon which [Parks] may prevail on her claims … Specifically, all the evidence in the record points firmly to the conclusion that the statements contained in [Stanton]‘s book, “Lies of a Real Housewife,” regarding Plaintiff Parks are true.”

Stanton’s lawyers have asked for Parks to find a time where she is available since November. But it sounds like she isn’t exactly thrilled about them pursuing her, when her husband is the one who has been charged with fraud.

What do you think? Do you think Phaedra is hiding something?