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‘RHOA’ star NeNe Leakes wants evidence of knowing Phaedra Parks

NeNe Leakes
NeNe Leakes' Twitter

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes has always denied that she knew Phaedra Parks when they were younger. Both women grew up in Athens, but NeNe is one year older than Phaedra. Parks has claimed that the two knew each other because there were only two high schools, but NeNe admits she never knew Parks. According to a new KDrama Stars report published on Jan. 12, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes is now revealing that she wants proof that she knew Phaedra Parks back in high school.

“What is Phaedra’s problem?” Leakes has revealed after Phaedra wouldn’t let the past go. “Please show me where in this episode I acknowledge that I knew her back in my Athens days. I’m still waiting. You haven’t found it yet? It doesn’t exist!” She has revealed that she may have “known of” her because of her reputation, but that doesn’t mean she knew her.

“Did I know Phaedra when I was in high school, NO! I say clearly on this episode that I am the class of 85. Chuck says he’s the class of 88 and the innocent Phaedra is the class of 89,” Leakes said. “Think about high school!…What senior hangs out with an 8th grader?” And it sounds like NeNe would be honest if they had hung out. “I do not practice lying, and in this case there’s no need for it,” said Leakes. “What would I get out of saying I didn’t know her if I did know her?”

And it sounds like NeNe is still waiting for Phaedra to find that evidence to prove that they did know each other. Perhaps Phaedra knew who NeNe was because she looked up to her. What do you think?

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