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‘RHOA’ star Marlo Hampton: ‘I don’t want to be known as a bully’

Marlo Hampton
Marlo Hampton's Twitter

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton has been on the show for a couple of episodes, and she has made her mark. She is speaking her mind and she can be very aggressive when it comes to sharing her thoughts. However, she is now revealing that she may have been wrong in how she approached NeNe Leakes on the previous episode of the show. According to a new EnStarz report published on March 1, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton is now revealing that she doesn’t want to be known as a bully, meaning she is now speaking out about her confrontation with NeNe Leakes.

"I don't want to be a Diva who seeks to destroy another with words or "reads," while the crowds cheer on our bloodsport ratchetness.No one wins, except the ratings of course! Believe me, I'm not mad about that, (no ratings, no show!) I just think we have more to offer,” she reveals. She also points out that her behavior was not good for the show. "It's not cute, or in fashion. It won't raise my star power and surely won't increase my bank account!"

But one of the points of her statement is in regards to her friendship with NeNe. The two don’t get along all the time, but it sounds like she regrets charging at her. "We may never be friends or see eye to eye on anything, (and I'm cool with that!) however, I don't need to tear you down to build myself up. I know I am - The Diva, Marlo Patrice Hampton and I am the spotlight, but so are you. Let's all bask in it. God made sure there would be enough shine for all of us,” she adds.

Do you think she is desperate for attention?

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