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‘RHOA’ star Kandi Burruss’ mother continues to question Todd’s motives

Kandi Burruss and mama Joyce
Kandi Burruss and mama Joyce

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss was saddened when her mother kept pushing for her to break up with Todd Tucker. Her mother was under the impression that Todd was an opportunist because he didn’t have as much money as her. According to a new Bravo report published on Jan. 15, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss’ mother is now revealing that she hasn’t talked to Todd or made an effort to make the relationship better with him.

"My relationship with Kandi now is in a very good place," Mama Joyce told Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry at HLN. "She was going out of town [for Christmas], and I said, 'I'm am not going to let my baby go out of town without giving her a call.'" Apparently, these two have been working on their relationship, but it sounds like she still has some work to do when it comes to Todd Tucker.

"I haven't really talked with Todd," she said. "I decided to stay out of their relationship, and let them deal with their relationship. They're together, but I'm out of their relationship. It's much healthier. I have rekindled a very healthy relationship with my daughter, and my granddaughter, and we are in a very good place...I pray and hope that I'm wrong about Todd." But she is ready to admit that she will fight for Kandi. "I love my daughter more than I love myself. I had only two children and I lost one. I don't want to lose another one," she added.

It sounds like she will be keeping her distance, but one has to wonder if her distance will make Kandi happy. What do you think?