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RHOA: Shade at the Masquerade; NeNe & Peter fight; Todd threatens to leave Kandi

Mama Joyce comes between Kandi and Todd again
Mama Joyce comes between Kandi and Todd again

Most of the ladies let bygones be bygones regarding the Pillow Talk event that turned into a physical altercation. Kenya was finally willing to apologize for any of her wrongdoing, but NeNe still wasn’t having it. The ladies decided to meet up for a fun day of roller derby to shake off the bad vibes. NeNe didn’t show up.

Kenya decides to get in NeNe’s good graces by throwing a masquerade ball for one of NeNe’s charities, Saving Our Daughters. Kenya sent everyone an Evite. Cynthia was the only one available to appear.

Cynthia confronts NeNe about the ball to see if she intended to go. NeNe asks, “What ball?” Initially she seems clueless about it, but then mentions Marlo called and said the ball was in her honor. So in one breath she never heard about it and the next she received a heads up. So why pretend you knew nothing NeNe?

Perhaps it was because NeNe felt disrespected and had this to say about Kenya’s ghetto invite: “If this was something that was truly coming from your heart than you would pick up the phone and say ‘Hi. I know that we’re not on the best of terms, but I’m doing the event and I really want to honor you.’ ”

Cynthia pressured Nene to show up and she did begrudgingly. Kenya should've felt chilly from the way NeNe breezed by her without so much as a hello. NeNe was put on the spot to give an impromptu speech to the guests. All a part of Kenya's game playing, NeNe suspected. Without a smile NeNe grabs the mic and says to the crowd, “It’s amazing how many good friends I have and don’t know about, but I would like to thank Saving Our Daughters which is one of many charities I work with” and walks off with the same grimace.

Peter leaves in disgust after the shortest speech in history, as Cynthia coined it. Peter gets confronted by NeNe and he shares that she didn’t handle that well. “It’s not about Kenya it’s about the charity event.” He also lets her know how everyone could sense the tension and she shouldn’t have come if she wasn’t going to set aside her differences and be graceful for one night.

Was NeNe wrong for her behavior? Did Kenya manipulate NeNe by having an event in her honor to get her to speak to her?

In other news, Kandi informs Todd that her mama was willing to pay someone to snap photos of Todd with different women so she could present the evidence to Kandi and dump him. How on earth can Kandi justify her mother’s actions on this is beyond comprehension. Todd and her good friend Carmon have had it with Kandi's delusional behavior.

Todd says Mama Joyce has her mindf**ked and no guy is gonna be in her life if she allows her mom to disrespect the man she is with. Carmon suggests she seeks counseling to deal with the deep rooted issues she has with her mom. Maybe with Todd’s doomed outlook on their future together it will convince Kandi to stand up to her mama once and for all.

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