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'RHOA' rumors: NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton feuding

Marlo and NeNe used to be friends but it looks like that is over.
Photo by Rick Diamond

NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton used to be great friends. Matter of fact, Marlo served as a bridesmaid in NeNe's wedding. On Feb. 19, Sister2Sister reported that the friendship between the two might be over permanently.

It's unclear why NeNe and Marlo's friendship is on the rocks. There have been reports that NeNe thinks Marlo takes advantage of people. Others have said that NeNe does not like Marlo's friendship with Kenya Moore. In any case, NeNe Leakes has had nothing nice to say about Marlo lately.

Additionally, Marlo has been pretty vocal about NeNe too. In response to the rumors that NeNe is upset about her friendship with Kenya, Marlo wrote on her blog, "“While Kenya and I are not best friends, (we only met recently) I refuse to let others determine whether or not I should befriend her."

Marlo also thinks fame has gone to NeNe's head. In response to some commends that NeNe had made about being on "another level" than the other ladies, Marlo had something to say. She blogged, "Unlike some of us, I don’t believe that there are people who “are not on my level!” Last I heard, God created all of us equal."

What do you think of the Marlo Hampton/NeNe Leakes feud? Has fame gone to NeNe's head?

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