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'RHOA' reunion scripted? NeNe leakes tweets then deletes text proof

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If the newest "Real Housewives of Atlanta" rumors are to be believed, the reunion show was scripted at least in part. A monday report by Radar Online is claiming that NeNe leaks and Cynthia Bailey were texting each other prior to the show. The proof is in a tweet that NeNe posted briefly and then deleted.

As always, what is done on social media is forever even if you delete it. That is the case with a scandalous tweet that NeNe posted and then just as quickly deleted. As with many other questionable tweets sent by celebrities and reality TV stars, screenshots were taken and the speculation begins.

Bailey allegedly texted NeNe and said, "“Change of plans for the scene. Not going to do the b*tch thing with Gregg. I thought it would be funny, but I really don’t want to call him out… even as a joke." That really makes it seem like not only did they know that they would be talking about the incident where NeNe called Peter a "b****" but they had even planned how it would go.

Now the way NeNe was acting during the reunion show makes much more sense. While she initially came across as an aloof and uncaring friend, she more likely was furious because they had pre-planned the segment and Cynthia sideswiped her. She was angry and in shock.

As far as NeNe was concerned, she thought the two had already talked about the incident and moved on. She thought they would come on the show and show them that they worked it out. The reason she was so upset and made the comments about how Cynthia wasn't all that innocent and that she would talk to her in private later was due to the fact that Cynthia didn't stick to the script.

Why did NeNe pull the text down from Twitter within half an hour of posting it? Well this is pure speculation but it probably had contract implications for her to leave something like that up. Bravo can't have their audience thinking that any part of the show is scripted or else they will lose fans.

Did Cynthia Bailey change her mind and go for the drama with NeNe because she knew her job was on the line? Rumor has it, Cynthia is one of just two housewives who won't be back next season. This might have been her last effort to stir up some ratings and stay on the show.