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RHOA Reunion Pt 1: Porsha loses it and assaults Kenya. Kenya wants her fired.

Porsha has had enough of Kenya
Porsha has had enough of Kenya

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Reunion show Part One was sizzling hot from beginning to end. Andy didn’t waste any time getting down and dirty with the questions. He asks Porsha if she got new boobs, which she didn’t confess to, but clearly her cup runneth over. He showed clips of the ladies twerking and even the viewers were throwing shade saying the ladies are “two stops away from being fifty. If Miley Cyrus is in her twenties is it appropriate for women your age to be twerking?”

Kenya was the focus of most of the topics. Phaedra, the PhD of Dunkology said Kenya had a diaper booty and rolled her eyes insinuating that Kenya’s derrière is fake. Kenya got emotional discussing her dog Velvet and saying everyone reached out to her when her loveable pet died except for NeNe. Phaedra said Velvet was probably her only good friend, which upset Kenya and made her drop the f bomb. So unladylike!

They brought up Kenya’s African Prince aka Casper the Friendly Boyfriend aka Invisible Man because no one has met the infamous boyfriend and no one believes he exists. Since she was capable of having a rented boyfriend –Walter- last season surely she is capable of hiring someone to play the role of her African Prince.

Kenya came prepared for all the darts being thrown at her. She showed up with stage props to antagonize the ladies, which especially annoyed Porsha. Kenya pointed her scepter and a bullhorn at anyone she felt interrupted her. It was most effectively used on Porsha. Porsha made multiple attempts to explain how she knows Kenya tried to hire a Kenyan singer, but Kenya cut her off by yelling in her bullhorn. Porsha held her own until Kenya brought up Kordell and threw out allegations that Porsha cheated on him.

Kenya shouted “You are a dumb hoe. Shut up” in that bullhorn and Porsha lunged at her. Poor Cynthia was caught in the crossfire and her boob was accidently snatched out by Porsha faster than Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson’s boob during Super Bowl halftime. She didn’t even have time to adjust before scurrying to the side to avoid danger.

They stood toe-to-toe and Kenya taunted her, daring her to hit her saying she would get fired if she did. Porsha dragged Kenya by the hair and pulled her several feet away from the elegant blue sofa they were just sitting on.

Did Kenya deserve to get dragged across the floor? Should Porsha be fired for this altercation? Porsha was upset at her own behavior as NeNe and the rest of the cast tried to calm her down. “I’ve been through so much!” Porsha shouted, “I can’t believe I did that. I’m so embarrassed,” She cried hysterically.

Porsha was carried off like a damsel in distress and was comforted by the ladies, except for Cynthia (where was she hiding?) and some guy who kept carrying her around. Um...who is he and why couldn’t her feet touch the ground? Did she twist her ankle after kicking Kenya with her heels?

Andy visited Kenya and Porsha separately in their dressing rooms. Andy appeared to seem more sympathetic towards Porsha even though she attacked Kenya. He instructed her to go home and get some rest and eventually apologize to Kenya. Should Porsha apologize? Should Kenya apologize as well? Stay tuned for Part 2 next Sunday.

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