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RHOA Porsha Williams defends her attack on Kenya Moore

Porsha Williams talks about attack on Kenya Moore
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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams defended her brawl with co-star Kenya Moore. The physical altercation took place at the taping of the reunion show. Williams claims that she felt she was being threatened by Moore.

After reaching her breaking point of Moore’s taunts, Williams leapt across the stage and grabbed Moore by the hair dragging her to the ground. Speaking to Access Hollywood Live, Williams said, “I had regrets immediately after.”

“It didn’t take for me to get home to watch it. It was as soon as it happened and I opened my eyes, I realized what had happened and to just walk you through it from the beginning to the end. We have to go back further than just the reunion.”

Williams insists that her actions were justified. She went on to say, “I see the wand so I’m sitting there this is a wand, what is she about to do with that. Then I realize she’s using it as an extension of her arm, so I’m like okay cool as long as she doesn’t bring it over here, I’m fine.”

“I saw the hate. I saw the anger. I saw all of that in Kenya’s eyes that moment. And I felt threatened, honestly I did. It was a weapon. When I’m in front of the camera, I wanna [sic] act, but then once the cameras on I’m Porsha, but for Kenya, she looks at this as a job. It’s a show to her.”

“It’s just entertainment. So she doesn’t take anything seriously. And so for her, I’m like the complete opposite because here I am living this real life and here she is portraying one.” Bravo is being threatened with being ejected from the show but she claims that the rest of the cast are backing her up.

William’s said, “It’s not about team Porsha. It’s about team truth it’s about team what’s right and for me I don’t want people just to be like oh team Porsha, that’s great and I appreciate the love but understand the deeper thing that’s going on here, it’s bullying. Bullying can happen as an adult it can happen as a child in college on your work place everywhere.”

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