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‘RHOA’ Phaedra Parks sues to clear her name; Apollo Nida faces fraud charges

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida
Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida
Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida/Bravo

Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta can’t help but to feel bad for Phaedra Parks. The popular cast member is usually the voice of reason on the reality show and she is funny too. However there is nothing humorous about what the star is dealing with off the show. Not only does her partner Apollo Nida face criminal charges for alleged incidents, the star is battling in civil court to clear her name. According to Enstars on Friday, Phaedra Parks is suing Angela Stanton for defamation because of her allegations that Parks was involved in an alleged scam.

The court case has been pending for only a short time, but the allegations are quite shocking and present so many questions for the fans to ask. While it’s impossible to believe everything written on the internet, the allegations floating online has everyone surprised at the actions.

RadarOnline actually posted the court paperwork and it reveals that there was alleged scam involved people buying items using business checks. There doesn't seem to be a paperwork trail connecting the allegations to an individual. It’s more finger pointing than fact finding. Who exactly was involved in the actions isn't quite clear, but it definitely seemed to be an illegal operation of some sort.

The question on how Apollo Nida will come out of his court case is being asked by fans too. There are so many rumors about his allegations and the expectations of the season that it’s nearly impossible to decipher what is fact or mere speculation. What is known for sure is Apollo will return to court later this month and there might be a plea deal in the works.

Hopefully Phaedra Parks will hold up under all the pressure of clearing her name, dealing with Nida’s alleged criminal activities, taking care of her family and filming the reality show. It is a lot to handle for one woman and on many levels it doesn’t seem fair that she has to do it all.