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RHOA: Pajama party fight. Did NeNe, Kenya or Apollo start it?

Who started the fight?
Who started the fight?

Eyes were surely rolling watching Kenya take out time to go to a sperm bank entertaining the idea of having a baby. Who knows if the so-called (real or make believe) African prince she is dating is on board with her birthing options. Leave it up to Kenya to try to keep herself relevant from week to week.

On to Phaedra doing the most. Ayden had a “Coming to America” themed party so now his baby brother Dylan aka Mr. President got an inauguration-themed party to the tune of $15,000. She rented a White House styled mansion, caviar, champagne, a limo complete with the red carpet rollout and dancing secret service men.

Phaedra may want to cut back on the expenditures in the near future to put towards Apollo’s pending legal issues. [See previous article titled: RHOA: Apollo goes to jail]. Apollo was irritated with the entire spectacle and the microphones picked up on all of the back and forth fussing while they smiled through gritted teeth to the guests.

The most heated event ever on this show occurs at NeNe’s grown up pajama party. You could tell things were going to get interesting the way NeNe traipsed throughout the room like a Chihuahua in heat.

During the Q&A segment the questions were geared to make the guests uncomfortable, such as are you comfortable being around someone you know has slept with your mate? Kandi, Chuck and Mynique Smith were very uncomfortable in that moment. And another question: Would you feel comfortable with your lover being bisexual? The question was meant for Porsha about Kordell, which she didn’t appreciate being called out about it.

“What kind of a question is that Mrs. Leakes,” Phaedra asks in her monologue. “Is this a fun game or are you stirring the pot as usual?” It got real hyped when Apollo confessed to blowing $5,000 to $8,000 in the strip club. Kenya laughed wondering where he got that kind of money to spend.

The discomfort wasn’t enough for NeNe who cuts right to the chase in an awkward transition by forcing Kenya to address the accusation about Christopher Williams saying Natalie was his common law wife. Natalie goes off causing Kenya to stand up and walk toward her. Christopher grabs Kenya’s arm to pull her away from charging his (common law?) wife. Kenya’s plus one for the evening – Brandon- jumps to her defense. Chris shoves Brandon; Peter pulls Brandon away to diffuse the situation. Somehow Apollo takes it upon himself to restrain Brandon as well.

A whole lot of kicking and screaming happens quickly as Phaedra tries to pull Apollo off of Brandon. Brandon kicks like a little girl on the playground trying to defend himself. Peter puts Christopher in a headlock to calm him down.

NeNe blames the scuffle on Kenya because she got out of her seat causing all of the men to fight. Was Kenya really to blame or was this fight escalated by NeNe for even bringing up the common law comment? Or was it Apollo’s fault for stepping in choking and punching Brandon? Well Brandon is claiming Apollo cracked his ribs and filed assault charges. Another charge he can add along with his federal charges. By the way, what was Kenya wearing? Highly inappropriate to say the least.

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