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'RHOA' news: Cynthia Bailey blames Kenya Moore for ugly fight

RHOA fight: Cynthia Bailey blames Kenya Moore
RHOA fight: Cynthia Bailey blames Kenya Moore
Photo by Mike Coppola

Cynthia Bailey came out and did an interview on "Watch What Happens Live" on Jan. 26 and it was just in time to talk about the ugly fight that took place on "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Bailey both apologized for the fight that took place on the show and then placed blame for it starting to begin with.

Bailey said that she had been on the show for four years and no one had ever even considered laying their hands on each other until now. She said it was an unfortunate event because they were having a good time until the fight started. She then apologized for the entire incident on behalf of the cast.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fight took place at a pajama party at NeNe Leakes behalf. It was supposed to provide couple's counseling. Kenya Moore and her friend Brandon arrived late to the party.

When the question about looking at other women was asked, things got crazy. Cynthia Bailey's husband Thomas said it was a "whack" question and a lot of the guys said they went to strip clubs. When Thomas said he would never get a lap dance, Kandi Burress said she saw him get a lap dance before.

Then the conversation switched to Natalie Williams telling her husband Christopher that Kenya Moore said they were common law married. That caused Christopher to stand up and walk towards Kenya and ask what kind of medication she was on and Kenya stood up.

Brandon warned Christopher not to touch Kenya and then Nida and Thomas attacked Brandon, with Nida throwing punches and choking him.

On "Real Housewives of Atlanta," NeNe Leakes said that it was Kenya Moore's fault for standing up and Cynthia Bailey agreed with the sentiment on the cause of the fight on her talk show appearance.

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