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RHOA: NeNe's new business venture, Mama Joyce opens up & Porsha’s singing career

Porsha releases new single Flatline
Porsha releases new single Flatline

Porsha falls in the footsteps of many Housewives cast members and works on an album. Everyone gets a chance to hear her voice before the studio cleans it up later. Her new single Flatline has already hit the airwaves. Kandi pays her a visit at the studio to check her for not showing up for rehearsal for Kandi’s play, A Mother’s Love.

Dingbat Porsha has the worst work ethic ever and has the nerve to complain about having to memorize lines, dance and sing all at the same time. “Yeah, it’s called a musical,” Kandi reminds her. One day Kandi will learn to stop helping these castmates make it big and frustrate her in the process.

NeNe shows everyone she isn’t just chilling after she got dropped kicked off of two major TV shows. She has a clothing line coming out with HSN. Unlike She by Sheree, maybe this clothing line will actually see the light of day. Nene also mentions that she is turning down acting roles left and right. “I left millions of dollars on the table.” She wants roles that will elevate her. Maybe somehow Dancing with the Stars is offering her that opportunity. Who knows? Side eyeing NeNe on this career move for sure.

NeNe wants to take on dramatic roles but doesn’t want to commit to routine acting classes. Well she’s naturally full of drama so maybe her raw talent will shine through. Has anyone seen her on Glee or The New Normal? Uh…carry the nearest acting class please!

Speaking of acting, Kenya has a full onscreen meltdown discussing how her dog Velvet was mauled by another dog in the neighborhood. “My whole world revolved around Velvet.” Velvet was like her baby and she was her mama for seven years. She decides to have a memorial service for her and only invites Kandi and Cynthia from the group to attend.

Kandi finally seeks counseling for her and Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce seemed somber and more receptive once it was revealed that Kandi cut off the lines of communication from her. The tears flow when the counselor asks her how does Todd treat Kandi and she couldn’t answer the question.

The counselor calls her out and says. “Your daughter is engaged to a man that you haven’t really taken the time to get to know. That’s a concern for me.” At the end of the session, Kandi and Mama Joyce hug it out. Maybe the counseling worked since Mama Joyce was clearly in attendance at the April 4th wedding between Kandi and Todd this past weekend.

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