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RHOA: NeNe might be done with the Housewives franchise

Is NeNe done with the show?
Is NeNe done with the show?

Rumor has it NeNe issued an ultimatum to the powers that be at the Bravo Network. Basically she threatened that if Kenya returns next season then she won’t be returning. She issued an ultimatum like that about Sheree too and everyone knows what happened to her, right?

Looks like NeNe is having a few issues with her castmates. Kenya is at the top of the heap. Kenya is trying everything in her power to get NeNe to get over the anger she has towards her. She attempts to bury the ax at Peter’s Jamaican-themed birthday party but NeNe wasn’t very receptive to it. Kandi sums it up that Kenya used the masquerade ball to kiss NeNe’s butt. “On NeNe’s side of things,” Kandi shares with Cynthia and Porsha, “if I’m not even talking to you who told you to honor me any damn way?”

NeNe is also mad at Peter for voicing his thoughts on NeNe’s behavior at the ball. She felt as though he was acting like a woman by approaching her, but technically NeNe was the one who asked him why he was upset. Was he supposed to lie about his feelings? She asked so he told her truthfully.

So at Peter’s birthday party, NeNe was calm, but cold. She mustered up a hug and a grin through gritted teeth for him and wished Peter a happy birthday. Kenya’s apology, once again, was met with a lukewarm response. “I want Kenya to understand that I’m not the one to play with. If you want to play these games with these other girls you do just that. I’m not the one.”

NeNe’s last feud involves Marlo. NeNe isn’t feeling the quickly put together friendship Marlo and Kenya recently developed. Marlo tries to talk to big sister NeNe. NeNe decides to sit across from her instead next to Kandi. She gave her the Kenya treatment. Cynthia is forever marketing the heck out of The Bailey Agency, so she throws her 1st Annual Bailey Bowl. It’s a fun event for the Housewives to do fun activities like egg racing, sack races and hula hooping – to name a few.

NeNe’s team consisted of all of her bridesmaids, except for Marlo. Kenya strategically invites Marlo to be on her team. Marlo tries to give NeNe a hug and she gets brushed off and called the B word. Marlo has had it and fires off insults at her. “Go get that [expletive] Donald Trump hair redone.”

NeNe leaves the event. Marlo sheds tears and is consoled by Kenya. NeNe pegs Marlo as an opportunist (that word has gotten thrown around a lot this season) and just like that Marlo is cast away on the same island as Kenya. At this rate NeNe won’t have any friends left on the show. Oh wait, Cynthia isn’t going anywhere. Didn’t she make NeNe sign a friendship contract?

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