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RHOA: NeNe blames alter ego Nay Nay for the B word incident

Can NeNe control her alter ego Nay Nay?
Can NeNe control her alter ego Nay Nay?

Psychologists say it’s normal for small children to have imaginary friends to blame their bad behavior on. For instance, if they sneak and eat extra cookies without permission, break a lamp or say a bad word they blame it on the imaginary friend to avoid punishment.

When a grown woman, such as NeNe, blames her alter ego Nay Nay for calling Peter a b**** she doesn’t feel the need to apologize for name calling. Big applause to Peter for keeping cool through the harsh verbal altercation with Gregg and NeNe (oops, Nay Nay) who tag teamed him while Cynthia just stood and watched silently from the sideline.

NeNe only felt the need to semi-apologize after witnessing that Peter was visibly upset. “I’m sorry Peter. I didn’t mean that you were a b***h, I mean you’re acting like a b***h.” She joked while everyone in the room was still in shock that she kept saying the b word.

Phaedra has been killing it with the witty comments during the monologues this season. She brings up Cynthia’s friendship contract with NeNe, “She’s in a hard place.” Why didn’t Bravo cut to the previous season and show that contract? Ha ha!

NeNe and Cynthia hadn’t spoken for more than a week once they returned to Atlanta from Mexico. Both agree that’s the longest they’ve gone without speaking. Hypocritical NeNe says, “I did not feel bad for addressing her husband 'cause her husband is always addressing everyone else.”

“There’s nothing that Gregg Leakes can ever do…to make me say those words to him and in front of his wife.” Cynthia says to Peter and she even threatens to sever her friendship with NeNe if necessary. She might have to tear up the friendship contract. Surely, it’s laminated and tucked away in a file cabinet in a home office.

Gregg decides to arrange a dinner with the four of them to air out their grievances. After an awkward silence and a couple of alcoholic beverages they move it along. “I’m never gonna call you outside of your name. ‘Cause if I felt that way about you I wouldn’t be around you to begin with.” Peter starts talking with his hands flying everywhere.

Surprisingly, Cynthia chimes in and confronts NeNe about using the b word at all and says that friends should respect each other and they should be able to tell each other when they are wrong. Although NeNe finally apologizes she still didn’t see anything wrong with what she said to Peter. Who was wrong for the confrontation? Peter, Gregg or NeNe?

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