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RHOA: Kordell confides in Peter & Porsha defends herself against Peter and Kenya

The return of Kordell Stewart
The return of Kordell Stewart

Kenya is still on her kill-NeNe-with-kindness kick and plans a Mexican getaway for the couples. It’s her way of taking some of the blame for how poorly the pillow talk event ended. Everyone had some concerns about the trip. NeNe still has no desire to be friends with Kenya, but let’s assume she had to go on the trip due to a contractual obligation from the network.

Phaedra didn’t want Apollo anywhere near Kenya after the flirtation between the two in Anguilla and the text message scandal from last season. Kandi just figured Kenya had something up her sleeve as usual.

Before the trip, Kenya and Marlo have a sit down to discuss why NeNe is throwing major shade at Marlo. Marlo confesses that NeNe called her on three-way with Cynthia and demanded Marlo stopped hanging with Kenya.

Marlo said to NeNe, “I’m a grown ass woman and I can be friends with whoever I wanna be friends with.” She concludes that NeNe’s anger stems from losing her job on the show The New Normal and only doing guest appearances on Glee. “She’s a fake and a phony. I don’t know this NeNe,” Marlo says with tears in her eyes.

Peter for some reason decides to reach out to Kordell to see what went wrong with his marriage to Porsha. He claims Porsha let her mother and the rest of her family disrespect their marriage. He also adds that Porsha knew the divorce was coming, although she claimed she was blindsided by the divorce on Twitter. He calls her a knucklehead who lost her condo by not paying the taxes. By the end of the conversation he softens his tone by stating, “I’m gonna always love that girl…but I love her enough to let her go do what she gotta do. I’m at peace with my heart.”

Kenya shows up to Mexico early with her date. No, not the African Prince she claims to be dating who bought her a Bentley – but with Miss Lawrence. Everyone but Phaedra and Apollo showed up and was greeted by the overly enthusiastic Kenya twirling around in a two-piece bikini and poncho.

Somewhere in Kenya’s head she thinks it’s appropriate to put a picture of herself in a bikini in everyone’s suite to greet them. More mess is stirred when she makes the couples split up at the dinner table. Who does that? But they all take it in stride and laugh it off. Phaedra and Apollo show up just in time for dinner and luckily they don’t get split up. Who’s betting had they shown up earlier Kenya would’ve sat Apollo right next to her?

The subject of Kordell is brought up before the wine starts flowing or appetizers are brought out. Peter mentioned earlier that he’d spoken to Kordell and now Gregg asks her point blank if she blocked her blessing by not reconciling with Kordell. He chimes in about his second chance with NeNe. Porsha was really crazy to even entertain this topic, but she does without tears or getting too angry. Porsha isn’t exactly a wordsmith so she had a difficult time explaining herself, but why should she have to?

She says his celebrity status was tainted and she made it her mission to clean up his reputation. Peter was upset about it sounding like she married him as a P.R. campaign. Gregg and Kandi come to Porsha’s defense when it looked like she was being attacked by Kenya and Peter.

Did Porsha marry Kordell to be his beard and for him to take care of her financially as part of the deal? Do you believe Kordell when he says her family caused problems in their marriage? Are you Team Porsha or Team Kordell?

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