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'RHOA': Kenya and Apollo hook up

Sunday night on Bravo TV’s ‘RHOA’, Apollo Nida claimed he could have hooked up with Kenya Moore if he wanted to. From the beginning, Kenya vehemently denied there has ever been any extramarital affair or any “disrespectful” behavior that would lead Apollo to draw this conclusion. “I have been completely respectful toward you. I never offered anything to you, Apollo,” she said. Kenya has taken a lot of heat since this whole debacle began, but she finally was able to clear her name.

Kenya Moore at Tyler Perry Premier-slide0
Jason Merritt/ Getty Images
Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore/ Moore Visions Media

The tête-à-tête began when Kenya confronted Apollo hoping to get an apology; instead she got a bungling explanation as to why he was spreading rumors, insinuating she was propositioning him. Apollo’s explanation sounded more like he was confessing his attraction toward Kenya. “You’re an attractive woman, any man can see that and get caught up in that,” he confessed. Apollo’s affinity toward Kenya is undeniable and it’s hard to watch Phaedra turn a blind eye to his inappropriate behavior.

Kenya stood her ground and demanded Apollo to stop lying on her. Apollo insisted that if he wanted Kenya, he could have had her. “I could have slept with you if I wanted to” he professes”. Kenya not only repudiated his veiled remark, but she also hinted that Apollo used her as a ploy for his cover up.

Kenya took ownership of her actions when she acknowledged she put herself in this unfortunate predicament, but refuses to take all the blame. Apollo has yet to take responsibility for his part in this cafaful. Ms. Moore may have cleared her name, but in Phaedra’s eyes, she will always be the enemy.

Now that the truth has come to light, will Phaedra forgive Kenya?

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