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RHOA: Is there sexual tension between Kenya and Apollo?

Is this conversation inappropriate?
Is this conversation inappropriate?

Kenya’s Mexican vacation started a little rocky with the whole Porsha and Kordell discussion, but things quickly turned around on a nature trip to a cave. When they got to the pool of natural spring water everyone was reluctant to get in. Kenya was the only one who didn’t hesitate to show off her body in her skimpy yellow bikini. Phaedra, Apollo and Porsha finally decided to get in too. You could slice that awkward moment with a steak knife. Apollo’s and Kenya’s playful dip in the pool last year in Anguilla was still fresh on everyone’s minds.

The camera made sure to catch Apollo staring at Kenya’s backside as she passed him on the stairs on the way out. He didn’t just stare at it he took several mental Polaroid snapshots of that stallion booty. Was Kenya baiting Apollo? Was he falling for it?

On a personal note, Kenya took the ladies (except for Porsha and Phaedra) to see a local Shaman to perform a fertility ritual for Kenya’s expired womb. The ladies were really supportive to stand there and allow that man to shake smoke and some weird leaves over them. Clearly Kenya is expecting miracles to happen so good luck to her.

Kenya sobbed as she expressed her desires to get married and have a kid and how she thought it would’ve happened by now. She mentioned the man she was so in love with when she was thirty five and his adorable son. Now she feels like she might’ve missed the boat. She wanted to have the experience of giving birth, but would consider adoption if Plan A fails. Yeah…she might want to put her search engine to good use and research some adoption agencies.

Kenya goes from this very revealing and touching moment with the women to an inappropriate one with the men. The guys were having a moment drinking and smoking cognac-dipped cigars and Kenya and Miss Lawrence show up. Peter senses a set up when Kenya asks Apollo to escort her to get a round of drinks for the table. Peter, being the older and wiser one of the group, flat out tells Apollo to keep his butt seated. He doesn’t listen so Kenya successfully gets Apollo away from the fellas and talk one-on-one away from the bar area.

Their conversation took all types of turns, but nothing was ever really discussed with any depth. Bottom line, Kenya wanted Apollo to stop spreading rumors about her (what those rumors are, who knows) and stop saying he could’ve slept with her if he wanted to. Apollo at least admitted he finds her attractive and if he was any other type of man he would’ve jumped at the opportunity to sleep with her. “I respect you as a person,” Apollo concludes, “I felt like I was disrespected and used for your selfish purposes.”

They were all smiles and giggles conveniently the moment Kandi and Phaedra show up to witness the close exchange between the two.

“What’s going on?” Phaedra asked calmly when she approached them.

“Hey what’s up?” Kenya said nonchalantly while Apollo displayed the worst poker face ever as he looked as though he was caught with his hand in Kenya’s cookie jar.

Is Apollo secretly harboring sexual feelings for Kenya? Does Kenya feel the same about Apollo or is she using her sinister feminine charm to only wreak havoc in Phaedra’s marriage?

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