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'RHOA' husband Apollo Nida desperate to reduce prison sentence

Apollo Nida will be heading to prison for an eight year sentence in his identity theft scheme.
Apollo Nida will be heading to prison for an eight year sentence in his identity theft scheme.
Apollo Nida/Instagram

As if Apollo Nida's prison sentence of only eight years isn't short enough, rumor has it that Apollo is going out of his way to get his time lowered even more. As his marriage to Phaedra Parks seems to be falling apart, Apollo is having to deal with prison sentencing woes all by himself. Now according to a Sunday TMZ report, Apollo Nida has agreed to a prison drug program in order to shave more time off his sentence.

Despite not actually having a current drug or alcohol problem, Apollo has agreed to a very intense drug rehabilitation program while he is in prison. Due to an earlier DUI, he qualifies to be part of the 500-hour program that has been successful in reducing prison sentences for many of its graduates. It is unclear if his participation will reduce the already low eight year sentence but time will tell.

Unfortunately for Apollo Nida, he has been going through the final stages of his sentencing without the support of his wife Phaedra Parks. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star began distancing herself right after Apollo's conviction and was notably absent on the day of his sentencing. Instead she was spending time in Mexico with friends.

Apollo is very upset with Phaedra's lack of support and has said that he doesn't expect his marriage to last throughout his prison sentence. He's probably right too because Phaedra Parks wants out of the marriage. She allegedly has said she wants a divorce for the sake of her kids.

Apollo is responsible to pay back the $1.9 million he was convicted of stealing. Is it possible that Phaedra wants a divorce to protect herself from having to pay back that money? She seemed real supportive of her felon husband until reports that he would be forced to pay his victims back.

Do you think Phaedra Parks should stand by her man? Their fate will surely play out in future episodes of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" for fans to watch.

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