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'RHOA' gossip: Cynthia Bailey has a wardrobe malfunction at the reunion show

Cynthia Bailey suffers embarrassing nip slip duing the fight between Kenya and Porsha.
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show was epic and saw the best ratings in the history of "RHOA" reunion shows. This is mostly due to the fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore. What viewers might have missed during all the drama according to a Wednesday report by Wetpaint was Cynthia Bailey flashing her entire breast to the audience.

It's understandable that viewers had all their attention on the shocking site of Porsha dragging Kenya across the stage by her hair. What they didn't notice in all the commotion is that Cynthia Bailey truly did have the worst seat on the stage.

Maybe a security guard should have sat between Porsha and Kenya, rather than having Cynthia sit there. We can only assume that she was placed next to Kenya because she is the least likely to put hands on the fight-provoking reality TV star. The problem is, she ended up getting caught up in the fight.

When Porsha Williams finally lost it and reached to snatch that bullhorn from Kenya, her hand caught on Cynthia's dress and uncovered her entire right breast for all to see. Cynthia Bailey looked absolutely horrified as she scrambled to cover herself back up.

The "RHOA" reunion show nip slip was initially missed because the drama was so high. It was hard to see all that was going on in the chaos of Kenya and Porsha brawling along with the crew trying to break them up. Blurred versions of the Cynthia Bailey nip slip can be viewed on YouTube for all those who may have missed it. So far, it looks like Cynthia can remain modest as no non-blurred versions of the wardrobe malfunction have surfaced yet.

It looks like being the diplomatic one did not pay off for Cynthia this time. Being seated between the two with the biggest feud caused her to show her goods to the world. That was only after having Kenya waive that scepter all in her face and blast her with a bullhorn that was pointed across her at Porsha.

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