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RHOA Finale: Kenya plans a funeral, Porsha’s new life & ‘A Mother’s Love' play

'A Mother's Love' is a hit
'A Mother's Love' is a hit

Kandi prepares for opening night of her stage play, A Mother’s Love, starring herself, Porsha Williams, Eddie Levert, Q Parker from 112 and Shirley Murdock. She takes a break from rehearsal to have a sit down with Todd to discuss a prenup agreement. Kandi puts Phaedra and Cynthia’s business in the street by mentioning how easy it was for them to get their husbands to sign a prenup. Apparently Todd is dragging his feet.

Kandi has her own adult toy industry, clothing boutiques, real estate properties and her published music and doesn’t feel like Todd has a right to any of these assets since she had all of that prior to the relationship. “As long as it’s fair,” Todd concludes.

All the dog lovers will feel their heart strings being tugged on watching Kenya balling her eyes out at the memorial service for her dog Velvet. Her aunt gave a powerful eulogy while flashback clips of Kenya and Velvet from the season played. Cynthia wrestled to keep her own dog still while offering up kind words for Velvet as well. This was touching despite the rumors that Kenya allegedly faked Velvet’s death for ratings. A fake boyfriend last season and now this? Hopefully this isn’t true, but if Velvet 2.0 pops up next season there will be some shade thrown in her direction.

Another ending to a very touching moment was when Porsha sat with her sister and mom after she finalized her divorce with Kordell. She decided not to pursue alimony and chose to close the door on that chapter of her life. “Even though I didn’t feel strong I literally said it from the beginning ‘you will not break me’.” She recollected on a conversation from when Kordell filed for divorce.

As she wiped the tears away her mom said in a preacher’s voice: “We black women we have some strength that we just pull from the Earth. Girl I see some blessings pour[ing] down on you. It just gives me chills…” To finalize the moment Porsha removes her wedding ring and dumps it in a glass of wine.

The show ends with the viewing audience getting a real insight into the behind-the-scenes production of Kandi and Todd’s musical. Tyler Perry comes to show some love and support and Momma Joyce finally shows up to witness what she inspired. Kandi nervously wonders how her mother is digesting it all. Momma Joyce seemed okay with it overall.

Porsha was surprisingly a hit and sang her little heart out. Kandi’s goal is to take the play on the road. Maybe she’ll make time for that after she settles in to her newlywed status. A marriage that Momma Joyce has decided to agree to disagree with.

Stay tuned for the Reunion show next Sunday. Porsha vs. Kenya: Weaves will fly.

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