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‘RHOA’ fans debate ‘B-word’ use: 79% polled say NeNe Leakes ‘Not Really’ sorry

The fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” saw on Sunday night that NeNe Leakes really doesn’t know how to apologize. While Cynthia Bailey seemed satisfied at the explanation that NeNe Leakes gave about why she used the B-word when talking about Peter Thomas, there was no real indication that NeNe was feeling bad about using it in her vocabulary. According to Radio and TV Talk on Sunday night the fans didn’t buy it was a sincere apology.

Offering up a poll immediately after the show, over 79% of the people who took the poll didn’t think NeNe was really apologetic for the confrontation. Offering up a very nonscientific debate, the issue at hand is how empty NeNe’s apology felt after being so disrespectful to Peter Thomas. It was like she felt entitled to try and start a fight, which didn’t seem right.

The question posed to the fans was “How truly apologetic was NeNe about calling Peter the b word?” The three options were “Not really,” “Kinda, sorta” and “Wholehearted.” Only four percent of the votes when to the idea that the apology was “Wholehearted” with the rest of the responses overwhelmingly being “Not Really.”

There is something to be said when it comes to sincere apologies. The bond between NeNe Leaks and Cynthia Bailey is strong and something like a few words can be easily overcome. However NeNe is being exposed in other ways with her fake apology too. She is being revealed at an instigator who will stop at nothing to get a response and so far refuses to apologize for going too far. It hasn’t just happened with Peter Thomas though as NeNe has gone too far with Porsha Stewart too.

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