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'RHOA' drama: Did Kenya Moore fake her dog's death?

Kenya Moore made headlines recently when news of her dog's death came out.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kenya Moore made headlines when news of her pet pooch Velvet's death came out. On April 7, Radar Online reported that Kenya's beloved pet was violently attacked by a neighbor dog and subsequently died. There might be more to the story though and Velvet may very well be alive.

Kenya Moore is dramatic and will do the most for ratings. Would she use her dog to gain sympathy though? Don't put it past Kenya to fake the death of her dog in order to stay on "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

The most recent episode of "RHOA" shows Kenya Moore in tears, completely wrecked by the death of her beloved pup named Velvet. Her aunt Lori tried to calm Kenya and was there for her during the nightmare ordeal.

The scene was very dramatic and touching but was it real? Mediatakeout reported that the dog may be alive after all. They go even further to suggest that the dog's "death" was a dramatic stunt pulled by Kenya to gain sympathy and ratings. Between the death of her dog and the brawl with Porsha, the increase in ratings can only help Kenya from being booted off the show.

Viewers saw the spunky Yorkie last week during the episode where Kenya takes care of a fake baby. They also saw the dog get visibly jealous and territorial when Kenya took on the care of the fake baby. So was Kenya worried about what would happen with a real baby and get rid of the dog?

According to the Mediatakeout report, Kenya's assistant Brandon posted a picture of Velvet alongside his own dog and posted it on Instagram. That picture is exactly three months old. That makes many ask if Velvet's death was a setup because filming for "Real Housewives of Atlanta" wrapped five months ago.

What do you think? Did Kenya fake the death of her dog to gain ratings on "Real Housewives of Atlanta?"

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