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Rhino Shield phone impact and antishock protector

Rhino Shield is a new class of screen protector that provides extraordinary impact protection and anti shock properties. Rhino Shield screen protector is available for Google Nexus, iPhone, Samsung, Sony HTC and Blackberry.

Rhino Shield

After years and years of typing, I have carpal tunnel syndrome and have had a couple hand surgeries. As a result the grip in my right hand isn't what it use to be. Plus sometimes I can just be a klutz.

After replace two iPhone screens because I dropped them, I decided to install the Rhino Shield protector.

So far so good. One drop off the bedside stand to the floor and it survived. It may have without the Rhino Shield, but who knows.

The protector was very easy to install and has not changed the performance of the screen functions.

A lot of people have said that the screen protector was hard to apply and left bubbles but I read somewhere applying it in a steamy room like a bathroom with the shower running helps so I tried it and it helped a lot. I've applied several other protectors not in a steamy room and they always left bubbles . Not to mention I love that rhino shield sends dust stickers with the screen protector along with the microfiber cloth. I've never seen anyone do that and it helps because you don't realize how much particles the microfiber leaves behind! I am happy to say I applied my rhino shield with ease using all the tools they sent and doing it in the bathroom! I was so nervous it wouldn't work because I've always had trouble before and knew I only had one chance but I was very careful. I have a lot of wondering hair in my house because of animals too so for there not to get one hair under the screen which always seems to happen is a miracle!

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