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Rhino hunter death threats: Endangered rhino could be auctioned off to kill

Rhino hunter death threats are coming from those adamantly opposed to big game hunters willing to bid on killing an endangered rhino for the right price, ECanada reports Jan. 14.

Dallas Safari Club chairman Ben Carter is preparing to have an auction for someone to pay enough money to hunt and kill an African Black Rhino, which so happens to be an endangered species. Carter argues that this disturbing event will actually "increase conservation efforts to the dwindling Rhino population." As a result, rhino hunter death threats towards Carter's children have come from those wanting to stop the auction.

The oxymoron of one African Black Rhino being killed is supposedly the Namibia government will sell the hunting permit and use all the proceeds received in the auction and put it "towards conservation efforts for the remaining rhino population and to safeguard them against poachers."

As the report also pointed out, those proceeds could potentially be at risk of government corruption where a large amount of that money will go to so-called “administrative costs."

As of now, one rhino conservation group estimates there are 5,055 African Black Rhinos still living. Carter said the rhino hunters will be allowed to kill will be an older bull, which he says actually threatens the rhino population.

“They need to be protected, not sold to the highest bidder,” said Jeffrey Flocken of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). “It also sends a dangerous message that these iconic and disappearing animals are worth more as dead trophies to be mounted and hung on a wall in a Texas mansion than living in the wild in Africa.”

Whether one opposes hunting or not, this is a controversial issue. In one instance it is about making a rhino a target to hunters within a limited range of land and on the other hand it could bring in more proceeds to save other rhinos. The horrible part remains the rhino hunter death threats towards Carter's children. That is wrong on many levels despite how opposed they are to this exotic hunting expedition.

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