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Rhianna's ABC Interview


"We was definitely in love, she said, He was my best friend."

This coming from superstar  R & B singer Rhianna as she reveals to ABC's Diane Sawyer, the horrific incident when she was brutally beaten by her lover Chirs Brown. Rhianna says that being the victim makes one feel embarrassed, confused, and lonely. Just three weeks after the incident Rhianna went back to Chris Brown out of concern for his feelings and her attachment of love.  

"But when I realized that my selfish decision for love could result in some young girl getting killed, I could not go back,"said Rhianna.

Rhianna finally ended the relationship shortly after she took him back. Her concern for Chris Brown turned to resentment.  Rhianna explained that the scars heal on the outside when you've been beaten by a man but they don't heal on the inside. Flashbacks of the unfortunate incident will always reoccur in a distant memory.

So many men and women get in relationships that fall so deeply in love when something goes wrong crimes of passion become the standard for ideal communication. Married, unmarried, dating , or single as Rhianna has revealed it is often to embarrassing to reveal that the person you have fallen so deeply in love with has hurt you physically. This physical abuse only leads to an internal imprint on your heart that can often be forgiven but never be forgotten. Yet still in the mist of it all Rhianna was concerned about his feelings, emotions, and reputation as a man , super star, and love. 

Diane Sawyer said it best when she said:

" Right now she (Rhianna) is standing at that crossroads when emotion meets reality."

The interview also revealed a terrifying statistic that states that it  takes a woman 8 or 9 times before she leaves her abuser. Domestic violence affects more relationships and marriages than most of us care to accept. Abuse is not bias. It does not care if your rich. poor, white or black. What matters now is what are you going to do about getting abused. What example are you going to set for the future, what expectations are you going to raise for the relationships to follow. If you are the victim of domestic violence stop denying it, start calling it for what it is, and get some help. Talk to someone that you trust. In Rhianna's words:

 "Don't react off of love..come out of the situation and look at in third person, for what it is."