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Rihanna poses totally bottomless: Fans say she went too far

Rhianna poses without pants
Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images

Rihanna took her love of sexy photos to the next level this week. According to an April 10 Pop Sugar report, Rihanna posed naked from the waist down.

The pop Princess is known for sharing shots of herself in skimpy outfits on Instagram. We’ve seen her in plenty of micro mini skirts, half tops and itty bitty teeny weeny bathing suits, but this is a new dimension.

Rhi left off the bottoms completely for this latest photo shoot which took place on a Los Angeles balcony Tuesday. She has very obvious tan lines from a bikini bottom, but no pants – not even thong undies.

The singer does however have on tennis shoes, as well as a tight, cropped tank top. Her tattoos are exposed and her fingers are full of rings.

Rhi-Rhi’s hair is long and thick. Several people are shown in the photographs working hard to make sure the shorts are perfect.

There’s even someone on hand to pour Smart Water on Rhianna’s bare back so that the drops glisten on her skin under the sun. The star appears to be posed with her naked behind in the air for most of the shoot.

Many commenters on Facebook are unimpressed by seeing Rhianna naked – or very close to it anyway. “Trashy,” “seeking attention,” “leaves nothing to the imagination,” “took it too far,” “tasteless” and “poor role model” are just a few of the comments posted.

Rhi has already been slammed for being a bad role model, especially for young girls, when she went back to Chris Brown even after he physically assaulted her. Her willingness to pose for racy photos certainly isn’t endearing her to concerned mothers, say critics.

Rhianna had a bored expression on her face in some of the photos. She hasn’t mentioned what the photos are for on social media yet. What you think? Did she take showing off her body too far?

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