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Rhetoric gets mellow in Bernal Library tussle; Stray Bar 'pooch-friendly'

A couple of cheerful signs of spring here... Bernal is getting more notice in the local papers, as the Chronicle's C.W. Nevius follows up on his initial Bernal mural story with a peaceful-sounding report on the mediation process. Evidently the "consensus," which is posted inside Heartfelt's shop window at 436 Cortland by the way, is now being more accepted by the pro-mural preservation side, headed by Mauricio Vela. Vela says there is still some lack of trust, occasioned by the term "artwork" instead of mural in the consensus language, but he has good things to say about his fellow mediators, who met for three months.

And the S.F. Bay Guardian, perhaps giddy over its recent punitive legal win over fellow weekly S.F. Weekly, has published an article about local pooch-friendly bars. Stray Bar on Cortland is the first to be written up! The Guardian is Bernal-friendly, with its booth at Fiesta on the Hill (I've gotten some nice schwag from them in past years, Bruce Brugmann's rather iconic face emblazoned on posters and magnets). So even though it's a bit of a tottering old dinosaur at this point, I've got to hand it to the Guardian writers for hanging in there, and at least attempting to do local neighborhood coverage, when so much of the energy has gone out of print media--sadly.