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Rheingold Beer Names a Mascot

Rheingold Beer is going to the birds. But not just any bird. Pigeons to be exact.   Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd., the company behind Rheingold Beer, has announced it is adopting the New York pigeon as its official mascot.

The Wilton based distributorship says that "unlike many other beverage products in this competitive industry, the beer has never had a mascot".

The company says it turned to focus groups and "a range of New Yorkers" to come up with the idea for the "New York Pigeon".

Billed as "New York's original beer since 1883",  the beer has a unique place in New York history.  It had its heyday in the 1950's when it claimed 35% of the New York state beer market. At one time it was also the official beer of the New York Mets and its advertisements included John Wayne, Jackie Robinson and the Marx Brothers.

The beer's founding family sold the brand in 1963 and it began a slow demise, ultimately fading into obscurity. The Rheingold name was revived in 1998 and sold to its current owners in 2005.

The Pigeon mascot will be used for the latest reincarnation of the beer which is now being produced in 12 oz cans and can be found on local shelves and retail outlets in the tristate area starting in September.

In CT you will be able to find it here:

F&F Distributors
(New London & Middlesex)
31 Eastern Avenue
New London CT 06320
(860) 442-1265

Franklin Distributors
(Hartford, Windham & Tolland)
140 Nutmeg Road
South Windsor CT 06074
(860) 528-9138

Drinx Unlimited
(New Haven, Fairfield & Litchfield)
372 Ely Avenue
Norwalk CT 06074
(800) 861-7632

Rogo Distributors
65 Roberts Street
East Hartford CT 06108
(860) 528-9381


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