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Reynolds, Hunter have five star match at TCW

The first event at a new venue for Tri-State Championship Wrestling had JR Reynolds challenging champion Ryan Hunter for the TCW Heavyweight Championship in a lumberjack match. Reynolds and Ryan put on a text book match that had the crowd cheering, steeped in awe and hanging on every move but also had the lumberjacks who trolled outside the ring caught up in the moment.

JR Reynolds and Ryan Hunter "The Aftermath"
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The action was back and forth for most of the match, a grueling match with both Reynolds and Hunter giving their all. Hunter fell out of the ring and as all the lumberjacks converged on Hunter and then began fighting among themselves Reynolds hit a beautiful dive onto everyone on the floor. For a few moments it looked as if the match would end there but Hunter and Reynolds slowly made their way up from the pile and then drove each other into one of the steel barricades--hard.

Both men collapsed and remained motionless for several minutes as the referee started his count and made it to eight before realizing something was very wrong. Officials surrounded the two and two RNs (including Mrs. Heather Wiseman who said later "I was very concerned especially about JR Reynolds who showed classic signs of a serious head injury) who were in the crowd made their way over to check on the fallen warriors.

As the crowd around the two continued to grow with concerned fans, staff and promoter Tim Tolar who was calling 911 as they were being attended to by the RNs, Hunter slowly started to sit up with his eyes still rolling back in his head. Fellow wrestlers and security helped Hunter up and to the back where he was evaluated and found to have suffered a slight concussion.

Reynolds remained motionless on the floor, a scary glazed look on his eyes (which were unresponsive to the RNs light). After more than ten very frightening minutes Reynolds came around enough to be carried back to the locker room where he was immediately transported to the local hospital. Word on his condition as of press time is very guarded but it is thought he suffered a very critical head injury as well as possible bruised or broken ribs.

JR Reynolds and Ryan Hunter are two of the hottest properties in indie wrestling today and as they branch out into more territories for more promotions they will only grow to be better than they are now.

Professional wrestling is a brutal sport to begin with but Hunter and Reynolds took their mastery of wrestling and their propensity for violence and took it to levels rarely seen on an indie show and both paid a dear price. The feud these two are currently embroiled in, whether they meet in tag team action or battling one on one is bitter, personal and will only end when one of them puts the other out of wrestling.

Father Darkness felt some violence of his own last night as a fan sucker punched the evil manager after Darkness knocked the fans hat off. Darkness also had words with TCW photographer Dr. Jerry Wiseman after Darkness kept getting in the way of Wiseman and demanding his be the only photo taken. It is clear that Dr. Wiseman, who is an ordained minister with a Doctor of Divinity has issues with Father Darkness and what he represents.

Regardless of how caught up in the action nor how deep the hatred runs for a wrestler or manager a fan should never put their hands on one of the performers. This fan was immediately ejected from the arena and is looking at being banned from ever coming to another TCW show.

A.D.D. (Manchild and Jaime) had a very entertaining match with Superlaw and Daimen Legion that saw Jaime hit a beautifully executed Shooting Star Press for the win. These two teams work well together and there is always an added bonus when they meet up, this time it was the valet for Superlaw, Mrs. Order.

Chrisifix, another rising star in TCW battled with the grizzled veteran Barbarian and took the win by DQ after Barbarian used manager Father Darkness' "bible" to hit Chrisifix. Though Barbarian held and advantage with experience and size Chrisifix held his own for the entire match often surprising Barbarian with his quickness and litany of moves that Barbarian is not used to. The former WCW star was certainly bewildered during the course of the match, struggling to figure out how to put Chrisifix away and resorted to the cheap ending.

The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) showed they still have it, can bring it in the ring and got the victory over the returning Locked & Loaded (Adam James and Brock Phoenix) after hitting the trademarked double drop kick.

Dual champion Exodus had a great match with newcomer The Dirty and was able to retain his titles. The Dirty shows promise and was a good addition to the TCW locker room.

"Boogie Woogie" Mickey Richards fell victim to a the newest member of the Grimmett Family, Emmitt Grimmett who wore a mask. When asked why Emmitt wore a mask Grimmett patriarch Earl Grimmett said simply, "he was so ugly when he was borned we had to do something, we couldn't stand to look at him."

Tri-State Championship Wrestling is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the Western North Carolina area with a great roster and always entertaining and surprising shows as well as a loyal group of fans whose numbers continue to grown.

The next TCW show is on April 5, 2014 at the Riceville Community Center in Asheville, NC with former WWE and ECW star Tracey Smothers making his debut to team with Ryan Hunter to battle with JR Reynolds and Jeff Lewis Neal, another top level indie star.

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