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Reynolds High School shooting, the signs of a trouble teen

Reynolds High School shooting, the signs of a trouble teen
Reynolds High School shooting, the signs of a trouble teen

A teenage gunman entered Reynolds High School outside of Portland and shot a student and injured a teacher, before he turned the rifle on himself. The gunman has yet to be identified publicly by police.

Turning your teen into a responsible adult is an uphill battle, could your teen be on the path to destroy his life and possibly the lives of others? There have been 74 school shootings since Newtown school shooting. Shootings are becoming the norm.

Be a parent, your child doesn’t need another friend. They need guidance, patience and loving attention. For your son or daughter’s well-being and safety, you may need to do things they don’t understand or think is “unfair” or “mean” at the time. Don’t let them guilt you into blurring the lines to what is good acceptable behavior.

A typical parent/child/teen relationship allows for the times when your child may not like you for a short time. But it’s up to you to make your children feel valued and loved, and nipping risky behaviors in the bud, really is for their own good. Don’t go along with what they say their friends are allowed to do, do the right thing as a parent to help develop your child into a responsible adult. If your son or daughter doesn’t feel accepted, listened to and loved at home they will go outside the home to look for this acceptance good or bad.

Warning signs, pay attention

Abusing drugs and alcohol. The most trusting parents are the easiest ones to take advantage of, always be on the lookout for signs of drug paraphernalia or drugs themselves, street use and prescription drugs or alcohol hidden in cabinets, under bed, in closet, shoes and clothing, including book bags, cars and purses. A family history of drug and alcohol abuse. You can drug test your teen, the best time is after the weekend.

Watch the excuses they give for being late, accidents, sick friends these excuses can be checked out and should be double checked to help your teen stay on the straight path. Double check alarm systems for loopholes and check your child’s bed at night in case they are sneaking out late at night. Notify school to call you when you child is absent.

When they enter your home are they pulling down hats to cover the face, using Visine to cover up bloodshot eyes

Know their friends and make sure the money you give them is being spent on what you give it to them for. Many teens ask their parents and guardians for money and save it up to buy drugs. Pasty or white substances on CD cases or mirrors, dropping weight, dark circles under the eyes are all signs drug abuse is going on.

Withdrawal from the family and parents

Any inordinate amount of time spent away from the family and out of sight is suspect. It’s up to the parents /guardians to find out the reason behind the withdrawal. Take responsibility for your teen and get counseling or make it an “open door policy”, be open and willing to listen without judging or losing your temper or you risk your child withdrawing further.

Extreme mood changes

Anyone who is happy one moment and angry, resentful, or rebellious the next has an issue that needs looking at. It’s never too late to pull your child back into the family. Your teen is never too big or too old to need your guidance and understanding. Are they hanging out with the wrong crowd? Intimate partner violence is on the rise in teens.

Risk taking, some teens live as if they have a “death wish.” They throw caution out the window and don’t care about the consequences of their actions. The words they use may become violent and their actions will follow. Are they often truant or stealing or abusive verbal and or physically to family members or other student?

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