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Rextopia Ad Network
Rextopia Ad Network

In the world of internet marketing, affiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways to make money. Affiliate marketing has been a driving force for generating leads and sales online for over 20 years now and is still the driving force behind many successful web sites and e-commerce businesses today. was one of the first sites to implement affiliate marketing into their business model, and this was back in 1996. There is no doubt that their success would not be what it is today without the use of affiliate marketing and all of their partner sites pushing sales and traffic to their site in anticipation of earning commissions on each referred customer.

Rextopia and The Power of Affiliate Marketing

The success or failure of an affiliate campaign relies on the multiple factors, such as who is promoting the offer (affiliate), who is housing the offer and tracking it's performance (affiliate network) and what the actual offer is (brand or advertiser). is an affiliate network that has been helping affiliates make money and connect with exclusive ad campaigns and offers that aren't available on other networks.

The founder and CEO of Rextopia is Jennine Rexon (full interview) and not only has she been running the company for over a decade now, but she's also an affiliate marketer herself.

As both the owner and an affiliate, Jennine can help her advertisers and affiliates by lending her personal experience and resources to make sure all campaigns are compliant and set for success.

Rextopia Affiliate Network Specs

As an affiliate of Rextopia, you will have acces to over 300 different ad campaigns that are running on the network, many of which are exclusive. Ad campaigns range in type, payment and industry, though you will be able to find plenty of job search, survey, finance and pay per call related offers. The network is run off of the CAKE platform, which is quickly becoming the best solution for ad networks and their affiliates. Rextopia sends out payments on a monthly basis once the $50 threshold has been met.

How to Start Working with Rextopia

If you would like to start making money with the offers available through Rextopia, you can complete the affiliate signup form on their site. Though be warned, they are very selective about who they allow into their network and pre-screen all affiliate applications.

Once approved you will be able to login to the system and have access to all offers and also start receiving monthly updates and mailings from Jennine and the Rextopia team. Each mailing features the latest industry news, offers added to the network and new ways to buy traffic and deliver quality leads for ad campaigns.

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