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Rex announces 2014 Mardis Gras parade theme with "royal" invitation

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The Rex Organization proudly announced a theme for this year's Rex Parade in a formal invitation published on its website.

This year, revelers at Mardis Gras will enjoy "Gods of All Ages," a theme the organization says will help us find something greater than ourselves:

...Since the beginning of time, man has searched for something greater, some force or entity beyond his harsh mortal sphere. The theme of the 2014 Rex Procession, "Gods of All Ages" depicts gods and goddesses of antiquity. Ancient deities reflected the wonder of the celestial bodies, the changing seasons, and powerful beasts, both real and imagined. Ancient cultures loved, feared and sought to appease their powerful gods. Their fearsome and colorful images have endured through the millennia, inspiring the design of the 2014 Rex Procession.

The parade, with nearly 30 floats and 450 costumed riders, will rattle and hum along St. Charles Ave. starting at 10:00 Mardi Gras morning, March 4.

Rex, of course, is the King of Carnival. The invitation to his parade has been a "royal" tradition here since 1872. Today, Rex invited Mardis Gras visitors to "... gather, from far and near, to join in the many celebrations and processions which will shortly unfold under the joyful Carnival banner.”

The New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau issued a press release announcing the invitation, stating that the beautiful design incorporates artwork from 1886.

Other admonishments by Rex include:

  • that the joyous music of Carnival shall fill the streets of his Capital City, multiplying all merriment;
  • that fair weather and blue skies shall prevail, that multitudes might gather and celebrate without impediment;
  • that the Royal Constabulary shall marshal the Grand Celebration with their customary skill and tolerance;
  • and that the keepers of inns, taverns, and eating establishments in his beloved Capital City shall throw open their doors to receive all Carnival Celebrants.

Mardis Gras kicks off a bit later this year, since Lent doesn't begin until Wed. Mar. 5.

If you've never been to NOLA for Mardis Gras, this will be an ideal time. Weather is a little warmer for flying but still temperate enough to enjoy a dance through Jackson Square with your sweetie.

Check with the NOCVB website for hotel ideas, or go to my Examiner stories page here.


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