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'Rewrapped' has to recreate Hostess Twinkies on Food Network

Rewrapped had to recreate Twinkies
Rewrapped had to recreate Twinkies
"Photo courtesy of Food Network, used with permission."

Tonight's Food Network episode of “Rewrapped” gave three chefs a chance to recreate a staple of food shelves everywhere, Is there anyone out there who has never savored this treat? As Joey Fatone hosts the show, he introduces the chefs on this episode titled, “Twinkie, Twinkie Little Star.”

The chefs competing tonight are; Ashley Betito, owner of Sweet Empire in Washington Twp., N.J., Ype Von Hengst, executive chef and co-founder of the Silver Diners, in 15 locations in the Mid-Atlantic states, and Deirdre Paolella, owner of Looking Glass Cakes in West Sayville, N.Y.

The judges are; head judge and snack food king Marc Summers, dessert and confection expert Jackie Sorkin and the manager of consumer affairs for Hostess, Nichole Lipari. Marc related a little-known fact about Twinkies; they were originally sold with banana filling, but during WWII, bananas were scarce, so they went with the vanilla cream.

For the first round, the chefs had to recreate from scratch, this food that kids and adults have loved forever. The judges will give points based on taste and appearance. For the second round, they must innovate, using the cupcakes as an ingredient making a completely original dish.

For round one, they had thirty minutes. They immediately ran for the cupboard for the ingredients. Ashley’s Twinkie came out too dark, Ype’s were less done than he wanted, and Deirdre’s looked closest to the real thing. Deirdre scored a 24, Ype scored 19 and Ashley scored 15.

The innovate challenge was based on taste, appearance and creativity using the cupcakes in 30 minutes. Ype made a Twinkie Tostada using beer and ginger Twinkie tempura. Ashley made a Cupcawinkie, a cross between a cupcake and a Twinkie with tequila caramel. Deirdre made a chocolate cherry ravioli with espresso cream.

The judges gave Deirdre a score of 18 for a total of 42; Ashley received a score of 19 for a total of 34, and Ype received 29 for a combined score of 48 and won a year’s supply of Hostess Twinkies and the title of Rewrapped Champion on this episode of “Rewrapped.”

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