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'Rewrapped' has to recreate Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts

Joey Fatone Host of Rewrapped on Food Network
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

Tonight's Food Network episode of “Rewrapped” gave three chefs a chance to recreate Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts, a delicious chocolate coated treat. As Joey Fatone hosts the show, he introduces the chefs on this episode titled, “Rich Frosted Fun.”

The chefs competing tonight are; Julian Plyter, pastry chef/founder of Melt Bakery, Vickie DeMaio, a private caterer and specialty cake maker and Rob Cracchiolo, head baker at Sal & Jerry’s Bakery in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The judges for this episode are; head judge and snack food King Marc Summers, cookbook author and pastry chef, Jenny McCoy and Entenmann’s executive, Lisa Mahon.

For the first round, the chefs had to recreate those delicious donuts and will be judged on taste and appearance. After painstaking precision, the chefs did a good job of recreating those amazing chocolaty donuts. Julian received a score of 19, Vickie scored 22 points and Rob had a score of 23, making it a close race.

The innovate challenge was based on taste, appearance and creativity using the actual donuts. Julian made donut encrusted banana fritters with marshmallow filling. Vickie made a chocolate donut turkey burger with donut tortilla chips. Rob made chocolate decadence cake infused with bacon.

When the judges tasted their concoctions, they gave Julian a score of 26, Vickie received a score of 29, and Rob received a score of 22. Vickie had a combined score of 51 out of a possible score of 60.

The judges gave Vickie a year’s supply of Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts and the title of Rewrapped Champion on this episode of “Rewrapped.”

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