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Rewards for good report cards in the Evansville area

Big rewards for hard work!
Big rewards for hard work!
Free Clipart

If your little one got a good report card, here are some area locations that offer rewards for all the hard work. 

  • Arc Lanes - Free game pass for each A received
  • Chuck E. Cheese - up to 15 tokens
  • Cold Stone Creamery - Free kids's ice cream
  • Dairy Queen - Free small Blizzard for perfect attendance 
  • Gatti Town - $7 game card for all A's - $5 game card for B's or better
  • GD Ritzy's - Kindergarten - jr. scoop of ice cream
    1 A = medium flavored soft drink
    2 A's = single scoop of ice cream
    3 A's = hamburger, cheeseburger, or hot dog
    4 A's = double scoop of ice cream
  • IBC Bakery (Wonder Bread Outlet Store) - all A's or A's and B's receive 1 Dolly madison Snack Cake and parents receive one loaf of bread for free. (A form must be attained and signed in order to receive this reward)
  • Krispy Kreme - 1 donut per A up to 6 donuts
  • Walther's Golf-N-Fun - 1 Free round of mini-golf

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