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Reward offered to find cat killer in New Hampshire

Nancy Mong / Seacoast Online

A two year old cat named Stella was shot and killed in Epping, New Hampshire in the middle of June, and her owner, Nancy Mong, is offering a financial reward to help find her killer, according to the Seacoast Online.

Stella disappeared from her yard on June 11 and attempted to crawl home the next day. Mong found Stella in her neighbor's yard when she heard her crying. Stella had dragged herself down the road and across the yard to where she finally collapsed, dragging a trail of blood behind her. She had been shot through her hind quarters.

After being rushed to the Mitchell Animal Hospital in Brentwood, Stella was treated for a broken pelvis. The bullet had entered her hind end and shattered her pelvis in numerous places. Stella suffered from extensive nerve damage and subsequently passed away on June 14.

Mong is certain the shooting was not an accident, though she would prefer it had been. She has offered a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest of the person(s) who shot Stella. Dr. Marc Mitchell, the veterinarian at Mitchell Animal Hospital has offered an additional $500 to the reward.

Mong is hopeful that someone will come forward with information and is thankful for the community support she has received. She has posted signs around town letting people know what happened and that there is a reward for information. Mong feels she has done just about all she can do to help find the person(s) responsible.

While many other people have stepped forward to offer assistance for the financial reward, Mong would prefer people donate to the NHSPCA instead. She does not think that increasing the reward more than $1,000 will make someone come forward.

The Epping Police Department is investigating.

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