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Reward offered for sweet little Jack Russell Terrier missing in South Dallas

Murphy has been missing since January 30, 2014
Murphy has been missing since January 30, 2014
Facebook: Becky Seeley Limbaugh

The family of a missing Texas dog has now turned to social media with the hope of having their missing family member returned to them.

Murphy is a seven-year-old Jack Russell terrier who went missing on January 30. Becky Seeley Limbaugh, Murphy's owner, describes her dog as "curious, fearless, and has endless energy." He joined their family as a 12-week-old puppy after the loss of their German Shepherd.

Murphy healed the broken hearts in the family, and is the "little buddy" to Becky's husband.

Now the little guy is lost, and most likely thinks he's on a grand adventure. Becky was home the day Murphy went missing. She was working in her office and didn't realize the gusty wind had broken their gate. Three of their four dogs ran off, with Murphy being the only one who didn't return home. I contacted Becky by email and she told me

We miss him. We need our boy back. I've never lost one of my babies before and feel like I really let him down.

The family is offering a reward for Murphy's safe return. He's micro-chipped, but wasn't wearing his collar.

Murphy doesn't realize the danger he's in. The area is economically challenged and many people just can't afford to fix their animal. Murphy has been neutered, but is in danger because the area is full of coyotes, as well as dogs who haven't been neutered. In other words, there are dangers out there this happy little dog won't see coming.

Murphy was last ween at a trailer park on Stark Road and Skyfrost near Seagoville High School in Southeast Dallas near the Belt Line and 175 area. This is close to the McDonalds on the corner.

The family has spoken to everyone who will listen, and has handed out more than 500 flyers, both in English and Spanish. Becky even hired a pet detective, whose dog picked up a trail. Unfortunately, the aggressive pit bull terriers in the area forced them to turn back. Murphy has also been posted as lost on Craigslist.

Becky has placed dirty laundry at the site he was last seen, including a trail of towels Murphy had urinated on. Food was also placed near where he went missing, but Becky feels other dogs would have found the food before Murphy.

The Chief of Police in Seagoville, who is a family friend, has been notified. Becky works in dog rescue, and Sgt. Bailey, who is a legend in the area because of how he took his shelter to no-kill in one day, is keeping an eye out for Murphy. Even the town mayor has been alerted.

Please share Murphy's story, especially with those in the Dallas area. Since many dogs are sold using Craigslist, keep in mind he may now be outside the area by now. If seen, contact Becky at 214-728-8835 or on Facebook.

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